The workplan consists of three steps:

1. Reflect on the Sustainability Scan and the Thought Leadership Paper on Co-operative Growth. 

  • Review Sustainability Scan and Thought Leadership Paper on Co-operative Growth
  • Discuss recommendations
  • Identify next steps

2. A co-operative approach to a measurement scheme

  • Review a comparison of existing schemes such as the Global Reporting Initiative and AccountAbility.
  • Discuss co-operative with the schemes.
  • Develop an analysis of the strength and weaknesses analysis of the existing schemes versus an approach targeted only at co-operatives.
  • Recommend a process for moving forward. 

3. Provide advice on ICA’s approach to the development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Review position papers (link) prepared by ICA.
  • Provide guidance to ICA on those position papers.
  • Recommend an engagement process for co-operatives globally.

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